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Welcome to Pathways


Message from the Executive Director


In 2009, Pathways marks our 31st year of helping families find high-quality care and education for all children -- including those with disabilities and other special needs.

Pathways has several programs to promote success for parents, children and care providers/teachers:

• Referral and payment services assist thousands of working families become economically self-sufficient.

• Child-development centers promote well-being while preparing youngsters for kindergarten and longer-term academic success.

• Professional development courses prepare and maintain the competencies of early care providers and teachers.

• Inclusion and early intervention training enable child care providers and preschool teachers to create appropriate environments and offer individualized activities for children with disabilities and other special needs -- so they can succeed without being excluded from peers and familiar surroundings.

• Education, assistance and support programs for families increase understanding of child development, and help create active partnerships among teachers, providers, parents and children to achieve the strongest possible results.

We are proudly committed to establishing best practices in inclusive early care and education services for children with special needs, not only because of the demonstrated benefits to children's long-term success, but also because of the benefits to parents and the local economy.

We could not do what we do on behalf of so many children and families without the continued and generous support -- both in spirit and in kind -- of so many friends and members of the extended Pathways community. Thank you for visiting us, and welcome!

Duane Dennis, Executive Director